Flex M

The versatile Flex M wireless receiver features a modular plug-and-play design (similar to a PLC) which allows one plant to use the same type of receiver component for any size application.
Each essential part of a wireless receiver is built into compact, machine mountable modules. The family of modules can then be combined together to form a complete system. The versatile Flex M can provide digital, analog, or serial interfaces, and is capable of one-way or two-way communication. It can manage systems ranging from simple relay outputs to complex I/O and communication networks.

System Structure
Each module is connected by an integral side connector that supplies internal communications and power. Consists of a RF/CPU serving as the brains of the system, Another component is the selected power module. As many output (relay or other) or input modules as needed for the application can be added LED lights provide diagnostics for each individual module. Each module has up to four removable connectors for easy wiring and replacement of any modules.

Versatile and Customizable Design
Engineered system offers the choice of I/O and RF power
System can expand for different applications, making it ideal for plant wide use
Features 35 mm DIN rail mountable modules
Systems requiring data feedback such as load weight are available
Can be coupled with a user-operated transmitter or configured with another Flex M for point-to-point communications

Range of Modules Available
A variety of RF modules available including two-way and high power 24÷48 V AC, 230 V AC, 12÷24 VDC
Digital and analog input modules
RS-232, RS-422 and CAN-BUS serial communication modules
Mechanical relay output modules
Analog 0÷10 V DC output modules
CPU module available with USB, infrared, and PL-D rated machine STOP outputs