The versatile IS2 Receiver sets a new standard in performance, dependability, and value for a variety of applications and industries. The IS2 Receiver is compatible with all of Magnetek’s innovative, durable transmitters and is available as a
pre-engineered or engineered system.

Versatile and customizable
Available with 1 analog (0÷5 VD C, 0÷10 V DC, 4÷20 mA, or 0÷20 mA) and 5 digital (3÷36 V DC or 24÷250 V AC/V DC) integrated inputs
Analog input may be used for load cell inputs
Digital inputs may be used for limit switches or function enables
Baseboard includes 14 relays with the ability to add up to two expansion modules for additional application needs

Flexible and reliable features
Redundant, machine-stop outputs allow for PL-D rated applications
Built-in CAN, Infrared, USB support
Synthesized RF technology available

Ideal for use in a variety of applications
Magnetek provides innovative, cost-effective, custom-engineered wireless controls complete with hydraulic interface controls. These are designed to your specifications, reducing internal engineering and manufacturing costs, improving time to market, and enhancing equipment performance. We offer complete plug-and-play control packages designed specifically for your equipment, manufactured and tested on our panel assembly line.