The WIC-2402 wireless system provides dependable control and fast performance.

Magnetek’s WIC-2402 transceiver is a 2,4GHz wireless data system for connecting CAN-based devices without the need for interconnecting wires. The WIC-2402 system transmits and receives (transceives) all CAN messages present on the CAN-BUS just as if they were connected with wires, providing dependable control and fast performance. The modules can be used with most existing systems without the need for programming changes. A basic system includes one server module, a client module, and all necessary hardware. Custom configurations are available to meet your specific requirements.

Simple in challenging places
Supports any type of Bosch 2.0b CAN network, including J1939, CAN Open, Device Net, Parker ICP, and more, with little or no programming
More efficient and dependable than cables over long runs and moving joints
Ideal for mobile applications that require access to stationary based CAN-BUS networks
Increases reliability by removing the cable, a failure point within many systems
Sends data across areas where cables can be damaged or where running cable is not practical
Eliminates the need to use slip rings for communication

Flexible and fast performance
Fast response time messages are transmitted and received with less than 30 milliseconds latency
Wide operating voltage range of 9÷36 V DC
Reduces field service and maintenance costs
Features bright LED lights for diagnostics and system status
Rated NEMA 4 (IP66), sealed to withstand harsh mobile and industrial environments
Quick plug Deutsch connector makes integrating into the machine easy
Reliable in crowded RF bands with Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology
Custom configurations available

Typical applications
Make CAN-BUS control modules mobile
Communicate to mobile machinery
Isolate controls for utility truck safety
Provide data feedback from excavator self-powered attachments
Transmit data feedback from sensors to CAN gauges

3 easy installation steps for the standard WIC-2402
Cut CAN cable
Connect CAN cable ends to the WIC-2402
Power the WIC-2402 with 9÷36 V DC

No program setup required. It’s that easy!